Overcoming menace of question paper leakage

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Education is one of the building blocks of a nation. For any nation to develop and prosper, it is important to make education accessible to everybody. Governments around the world are taking numerous measures to make this happen, so that citizens get opportunities to contribute to the growth of their nation. These opportunities are usually given to people based on their merit, which is determined by the process of conducting exams. However, when the sanctity of exams is breached, and undeserving students earn credits and grab opportunities, the masses suffer as the whole system crumbles. Undeserving people assume positions that were originally meant for talented and driven individuals, capable of leading change.The Challenges that Hinder Fair Examinations & Evaluation:

Whether it is universities conducting exams or students seeking to further their dreams through academics, fair and secure examination process is unarguably the need of the hour. However, the following challenges are always a threat to conduction of fair exams:

1. Secured Question Paper Delivery:

Universities conducting high stake examinations grapple with examination paper security.Question paper leakage can mar their reputation and hinder their quest of producing alumni that become the leaders of tomorrow. On the other hand, question paper leakage also sets back students who have been relentlessly preparing for exams. Instead, undeserving  candidates might get an edge over the truly deserving candidates. Besides, even when a question paper leakage gets exposed, the exam gets cancelled, thus causing a great deal of inconvenience to both universities as well as students.

Let’s look at the logistics of question paper delivery. Right from printing the question papers to delivering them to the examination hall, there are a lot of people who get access to question papers at each step. Mindlogicx makes question paper delivery 100% secure by reducing human intervention in the entire process and digitizing the delivery through IntelliPAD. It cuts down the compounding risk of question paper leakage as the questions are stored in KenCLOUD and delivered just in time (JIT).

2. Student Impersonation:

Mike Ross of Suits is a much-loved reel character. However, when it comes to real life, how many of us would stand by what this character has done? Impersonation of students during exams is a major issue that universities today are tackling with. One would ask, how do we put an end to these con jobs and ensure that the candidate is 100% genuine?

Mindlogicx has the answer to this question. When questions are delivered through IntelliPAD, students can access the question papers only after biometric authentication of fingerprint.Prevention of impersonation of students can be successfully tackled by IntelliPAD.

3. Erroneous Evaluation of Marks & Safety of Answer Sheets

Is there any fool-proof way to assure students that their marks have been added up correctly? Yes. Mindlogicx has come up with a solution to digitize answer sheets to assure their safety and ensure transparency in counting marks as well. The addition of this feature to our examination management system makes it comprehensive.

4. Fake Certificates

An issue that has been plaguing the education system is the forging of certificates. It isn’t just universities, but also employers who are cheated / face a great deal of inconvenience due to fake certificates.IntelliCAS by Mindlogicx is a solution to this problem. It provides a 16-digit unique alphanumeric code called Global Access Code (GAC) that is affixed to each certificate. Prospective employers and universities can check the authenticity of certificates online using the unique GAC. Thus, ensuring authenticity as well as saving time and effort by eliminating the need for a background check.

As a disruptive technology company, Mindlogicx has designed and created IntelliEXAMS ,a comprehensive examination management system that addresses the issues of question paper leakage, impersonation of candidates, digitization of answer sheets as well as fake certificates.