Every component of the technology and the delivery is carefully crafted, artistically designed and meticulously engineered to perfection.

The Symphony Model is the new technology delivery model that aims at delivering a rich and personalised service offering from its Master Network Operating Centre (MNOC) integrated with the KenCloud, OTT Studio, IntelliDEVICES, centralized tech support, analytics, mobile apps etc., thereby providing a lifetime experience of visual delight and WOW effect to the customers. It’s an artistic fusion of “Poetry in Software” and “Haiku in Gadgets”.

We call it Symphony of Things (SoT) that orchestrates the global technology delivery.

SMAC Model

The Symphony Model has been built with the clear objectives to have absolute control on the projects with customer touch points on user experience and complying with local legal and regulatory requirements from a centralised command centre. This rich experience perceived by the user is aimed to fortify customer loyalty and advocacy.

The Symphony Model will further intensify and establish Mindlogicx as a disruptive company in technology delivery process going beyond the contemporary thinking, thereby carving a unique market that never existed before and hail Mindlogicx as a global brand for value innovation.

Experience Symphony.
Experience sheer Joy