Our Test Preparations solution offers a unique solution that will help candidates to prepare for competitive exams and school examinations. This is a simple and easy solution that also helps to foster better tutor-student relationship, both inside and outside class.

For candidates

  • Direct access to tutors
  • More time to learn and solve doubts in class
  • Send and receive assignments anytime, anywhere

For Private tutors and school teachers

  • Manage, conduct and evaluate exams
  • Send assignments to candidates
  • Provide in-depth student performance and parental oversight
  • Experience an intuitive on-screen marking system
  • Decrease turnaround time to announce results
  • Give more individual attention, identify, and overcome candidates’ problems directly.

For Parents/Guardians

  • Receive notifications about assignments and tests that their child must complete
  • Know about the submissions that your child has made to their tutors
  • Keep track of their child’s academic activities and progress