That’s how we do it @ Mindlogicx

We are in the business of architecting the future. Our people – our army of soldiers – keep us ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving world of technology. People are at the core of what we do; they are our best assets as well as the fierce torchbearers of our lofty dreams. They are the heart and soul of our organization, and everything that we do and all the decisions we take are planned around our employee’s growth and happiness.

The following guidelines are rules that we live by in order to empower our people in every possible way:

  1. Monitoring of growth path and career design:
    As a leading technology solutions provider, we engage the brightest of minds to work on our disruptive innovations. They help us in churning out cutting edge and revolutionary technology solutions that set us apart from others. In turn, we’re dedicated to providing them a career and not just a job. Their growth, within the organization as well as career wise, is our highest priority. We constantly monitor and hone talent to prepare them for challenges as well as career opportunities.
  2. Genuine recognition for excellence:
    People at Mindlogicx are ordinary people with extraordinary will power. They have overcome odds with resilience and conviction. We value hard work and believe that recognizing it fosters excellence. We ensure that exceptional work and leadership skills are acknowledged and rewarded. Not only does it benefit our organization, it also encourages other individuals and teams to strive for excellence.
  3. In-house training for upgrading skill sets:
    As an extension of monitoring growth and shaping career paths of our employees, we facilitate professional learning by the way of upgrading their skill sets. Like we said, our people are our soldiers and we incessantly invest in upgrading their weapons and ammunition.
  4. Development of soft skills:
    While we believe in constantly upgrading technical skill sets, we also prioritize communication skills and inter-personal skills as they are integral to the growth of the organization as well as our employees. Soft skills go a long way in building teams internally and representing the company externally. Thereby, our employee growth initiatives include soft skills training as well.
  5. Work place autonomy & open door policy:
    We work with the single minded objective of creating an open and transparent system where the employees are free to innovate. All our employees, irrespective of their ranks and roles, participate and contribute to key business decisions and innovation. Our work culture allows for employees’ involvement in key decisions and they are aware of the impact they have on our business growth. We also encourage them to take ownership of their work, to have a say and a significant impact on our direction.
  6. Open Door Policy:
    We believe with great conviction that we can achieve greater success when our employees are given the freedom to voice their opinion. We also work on ensuring utmost transparency and approachability across hierarchies. We are aware that great ideas can come from anywhere and encourage talented individuals to present their ideas and support them by backing it. Lastly, our whole organization is in line with the values, mission and vision of Mindlogicx and keep working on making the impossible possible.