What Makes Us Standout

The foundation of Mindlogicx is based on unshakable grit, bold ideas and a fierce passion to manifest those ideas into compelling products and solutions that will immensely benefit the mankind. Mindlogicx operates in an unique domain known as Knowledge Engineering domain that connects to the end users in every possible touch points of their lives with the sole intent of empowering them with knowledge. The company specializes in delivering quality solutions and services for conduct of high stake examinations viz., pen and paper based examinations, online examinations, test prep & mock examinations, recruitment examinations etc. We deliver technologies that are artistically designed, carefully crafted and meticulously engineered to perfection

We build Disruptive Technologies

Armed with future proof tech stacks such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Big data and analytics and NLP, Mindlogicx has set a new benchmark in delivering disruptive technologies. With poetic touch in everything we do, we ensure our technologies are custom built for our customers to feel it, explore it and simply love it. We provide visual delight in our offering using a blend of technology and creativity that makes us stand apart from others and move from good to great. We simply love that journey

We are Crazy. Bold. Unstoppable.

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